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I don't have a clear explanation as to why flowers have become my dominant subject matter other than to say I’ve always been attracted to the colors and shapes of plants. I think that the natural world around us has a bit of inherent symbolism if you look for it and I try to keep that in mind as I imagine a painting. I love that a seed pod or a dying magnolia is as lovely as the bloom itself and it reminds me that there is beauty in every stage of life. 

Ideas of paintings tend to appear in my mind randomly and I try to embrace the unexpected appearance of a creative idea.  I try not to question the why so much as to just trust the inspiration. I use references from my own photos whenever possible with the exception of a limited number of critters not found in my area. Occasionally I paint things other than plants but I always find myself returning to that subject because it continues to resonate with me.


My consultant asleep on the job. 

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