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Kristi Warren’s colorful floral paintings are best described as abstract realism. She works primarily with oil, watercolor, and gouache,  emphasizing color and composition in her work. Leaves are a constant in most of her pieces and she says they are a metaphor for growth. After studying drawing and photography at California College of the Arts in Oakland, Kristi spent two years at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where she majored in Illustration. Shortly after receiving her BS Degree in Graphic Design from Sacramento State University, Kristi switched her attention from print and design, back to painting.

Kristi says, “I love to work directly on the canvas with lots of paint and a loose, flowing style”, “Sometimes I work the piece, other times the piece works me. It’s often kind of a surprise".

Kristi’s work can be seen in gallery shows around the Sacramento, California region and by appointment. 

Kristi - 2022_edited.jpg

Kristi Warren- 2022

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